Are you feeling anxious, scared, overwhelmed or stuck at the thought of climate change? Do you have a hard time deciding what to do, if anything? Are you mad at yourself when you don't follow through on what you set out to do? 

Coaching helps you get control over your life and turn what seems like limitations into your biggest assets. ​When was the last time you felt truly heard, without judgement or being told what to do? Your coach is a caring conversation partner who makes space for you to reach your own insights.

Imagine what it is like to: 

​Have clarity on what you truly want

Discover and utilize your strengths

Set realistic and inspiring goals

Carry your own self-coaching toolbox 

Regularly celebrate your accomplishments

Trust that by taking care of yourself, you are helping the planet

As a personal development and climate coach, I help you find your inner voice and talents, so that you can make a positive difference in the world, at your own pace, on your own scale. Most importantly, I bring you tried and true tools from the science of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, so that joy, gratitude, hope, and confidence become your little bit of sunshine — regardless of what life brings your way.

As a first step in this journey, I invite you to take my self-paced course "Lifting the Cloud off Climate Change" below.

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